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Our hotel can lodge up to 43 guests in its 16 double guest rooms and one apartment (34 main and 9 additional beds). The majority of the rooms provide a sitting area and an additional bed is available. Three of them are with fireplaces. All rooms offer beautiful views of the surrounding meadow, lake and rocks.

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Excellent option for a long stay. You could be completely self-dependent. Separate entrance and functional kitchen.

suite 44

Double rooms deluxe
The rooms are larger than the rest, fitted with upholstered furniture, three of them are equipped with fireplaces.

room 12 room 16 room 26

Double rooms
The rooms are placed in the main building, second and third floors, beautifully appointed and tastefully furnished with modern conveniences - all the comforts you need for a relaxing escape. All the rooms are sunny, facing south with lovely view.

room 13 room 14 room 15 room 22 room 23 room 24 room 25

Lodge rooms with terraces
The lodges have small terraces leading directly to the lawn infron of them. They are fitted with upholstered furniture.

room 41 room 42 room 43

Lodge rooms
If you prefer more privacy, we have lodge rooms, all with private entrance.These rooms are just a short outdoor walk to the main building of the hotel.

room 31 room 32 room 33

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